Reliance MD60 Drives
Reliance MD60 Drives

AX Control

As an esteemed worldwide supplier, AX Control offers an extensive selection of PLCs, Drives, Turbine Boards, Management Relays, and HMIs. Our specialization lies in GE General Electric, Reliance Electric, Woodward, and other renowned brands, guaranteeing the quality of every equipment through rigorous testing and warranties.

Wake Industrial

Wake Industrial functions as a worldwide distributor of brands including Bosch, Rexroth, Indramat, Pacific Scientific, and more. With a primary focus on servo drives and servo motors, Wake Industrial ensures the swift provision of automation products valued for their reliability and top-notch quality

Apex Waves

Apex Waves operates from Cary, NC, and is dedicated to the maintenance of obsolete National Instruments (NI) hardware and testing equipment. Our mission is to empower end users to sustain their legacy systems indefinitely, facilitated by the world's most comprehensive selection of calibrated and rigorously tested mature NI modules.